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Leads the world’s semiconductor technology with vigorous energy and imagination

CEO Greetings

Distinguished customers and shareholders, welcome to TOKAI CARBON KOREA Co., Ltd. homepage.

TOKAI CARBON KOREA Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 in a joint venture between TOKAI CARBON Co., Ltd. of Japan, which specializes in advanced carbon materials, and KCTech Co., Ltd., a Korean leader in semiconductor and FPD equipment. We produce and supply key materials and components in semiconductor, LED and solar energy related fields based on the dedication of shareholders and technical support.

TOKAI CARBON KOREA Co., Ltd. is the sole company in Korea produces high-purity graphite products with batch production system. Based on our own techniques, we are currently leaping forward to become a specialist in mass production of advanced ceramic materials used in semiconductor manufacturing process.

By developing differentiated technology and new materials, we have the best competitive edge and will grow into a company that creates the best value to our customers and shareholders. Furthermore, we will fulfill our responsibilities and obligations based on our ethical management and compliance management.

TOKAI CARBON KOREA Co., Ltd., aims to become the global leader in advanced ceramic materials and we appreciate all your support and attention.

Thank You

- CEO, shin hideo –