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Personnel System


Upon receipt of the application form with all required documents through website, interview will be arranged after reviewing the application documents.


The working hours are from 8: 00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. on weekdays. Once in the morning, there are two breaks in the afternoon, and We have a five-day workweek. In addition, the company implements a vacation system in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.

Personnel system

Personnel system
Office job Staff Senior Staff Manager Deputy General Manager General Manager Executives
Production job Staff Assistant Manager Manager

* Extending the retirement age to 60 for job security


We provide an annual salary system for above manager level in order to provide economic compensation per individual ability and performance. And we plan to expand the system to all employees in the future. (In addition, we have profit sharing program through incentive system.)

  1. 01Base salary
    • Salary per each position & function
    • Overtime is calculated based on actual working hours.
  2. 02Profit Sharing
    • Incentives per operating profit.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development: The Company encourages to employees to develop the career and competency by providing various training program.

  1. 01Common Education
    • security, personal information protection, safety, anti-discrimination training, etc.
  2. 02Language Education Subsidy
    • In-house, On-line and external language courses
  3. 03Job training
    • training for each function, semiconductor related training, etc.
  4. 04Hierarchical training
    • OJT for new employees, Training by each position, promotion training, etc.